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Proculus LCD Application-Face Recognition Gate


At present, face recognition is the most mature application in the field of attendance/access control, accounting for about 40% of the industry market; Security as one of the earliest applications of face recognition, its market share is about 30%. Face traffic/attendance has penetrated into many aspects of our lives, such as in high-speed railway stations, airports, office buildings, construction sites, we can see face recognition channel gate everywhere, which plays a positive role in personnel traffic management.


Proculus LCD module products could be integrated in face recognition entrance guard brake module is a biometric security system, mainly is suitable for the wisdom door, also can be applied to the face inspection machine, face, face attendance and other wisdom retail equipment, realize the brush face, are widely used in the CBD office building, residential area, the scenic spot, traffic hub and other places of public service, etc.


◆ Rock Chip RK3288 processor, equipped with LCD Android 5.1/7.1 system, dual-core ARM 1.8ghz CPU core, 1+8G storage configuration.


◆ Support 1000M adaptive Ethernet, built-in Ethernet, WiFi, 4G, 3G/4G module Internet access.


◆ With 3 USB, 3 serial ports,4 IO ports, support industry mainstream USB/ serial port equipment, card reader, password keyboard, fingerprint, camera and so on


◆ Support wiegand 26/34 adaptive transmission, LCD output for LVDS interface. Dual MIPI camera, supporting capacitors, resistors, touch film and other mainstream touch screen.


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Proculus LCD Application-Face Recognition Gate