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Proculus LCD Module Application: Advertising Machine


With the development of IoT technology, traditional frame physical advertising is gradually updated to digital advertising, and Proculus display modules provide intelligent control and remote control system just meet the needs of digital advertising. One of the most representative is the elevator advertising machine we commonly see.


As consumers’requirements for visual sense are getting higher and higher, Proculus advertising display module has more powerful functions, supporting custom playback of pictures, videos and audio, as well as open customized functions. In the playing area, scrolling subtitles, company logo, real-time time, real-time weather, company announcements, welcome words, etc., can be inserted to efficiently spread business information.


Advantages of Elevator Advertising Machine.


1. Repeated attention: advertising machine exists in people's life fixed track, every day up and down the elevator will inevitably repeated contact, repeated attention, it is easy to leave an impression in the user's mind.


2. Active Publicity: different from other types of advertising, elevator advertising every time, is in a closed environment, take the initiative to appear in front of everyone, rather than passively waiting for people to search. More engagement with the user base.


3. Accurate Delivery: the most important thing of advertising investment is precision, and elevator advertising can always effectively cover users in the area, such as high-grade office buildings, residential communities, according to the different content of the advertisement, can cover high-quality people such as enterprises and workplaces, but also to promote the family-based consumer groups.


4. Closed Space: according to the report, 90% of people will focus on things around when in a relatively closed space, and a strong attractive billboard, often can easily catch people's attention. Meanwhile, it can make the crowd on the spot resonate with the elevator advertisement at the fastest speed.


Selection Guidelines:


In consideration of elevator safety, circuit layout, heat dissipation space, as well as the operability of disassembly and assembly, the display module should not be too large, and certain space should be set aside on both sides of the installation area. The general installation width of the elevator is 280mm, considering the above condition, our display size is best controlled in 250mm. Based on this, Proculus 15 "and 18.5" products can be selected.


this is the introduction of elevator advertising machine, if you need to know more technical parameters or interested in testing, please don’t hesitate to visit our official website and contact us!

Proculus LCD Module Application: Advertising Machine