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The live broadcast of Proculus Technologies is coming

April is drawing to a close, however, the worldwide epidemic is still not over. It

can be seen from this, nowadays a mass of people’s live and work have been largely affected. And for you, who as purchasers of LCD module are almost surely facing a succession of hardships. Potentially, you are extremely anxious about that your company cannot seek out a matched and credible co-operative corporation. At the same time, you could also become fagged, on account of you couldn’t field visit to a production plant, as well as there is no specialized staff to introduce products and help you to decide that whether you want to cooperate further or not. 


Aiming at these problems, Suzhou Proculus Technologies is always searching method to work out them. Thereupon, the professional live streaming of Proculus Technologies is about to begin.


In our light-hearted and technical studio, you could get more affluent information with regard to our company. What is more,there will have all kinds of touch panel samples on the spot. In the meantime the professional will overview our product models, product functions as well usage scenarios. In addition to these contents, the manufacturing plant of us also could be spread to you by our live broadcast. All of us will be sure that after our specialized staff’s splendid and liberal interpretation, you could fleetly seek out a suitable product to fit your company and market, no matter what you want to exploit android touch panel or LCD screen module.


While doing live show, any questions about our products or our company, could be written into the comment box, and our personnel will help you to eliminate the doubt at once. Certainly, if you don’t have plenty of time to wait for our live show, you also needn’t to worry about it, the excellent video playback will be timely provided for you.


Our live broadcast will proceed at a fixed time every week, and the live theme of each session is distinctive. Welcome to learn about any information which relates to our live active, you could add the contact details of our professional and pay close attention to our online shop for any custom LCD modules or other products, so that we will keep you up to date with any news about our live events.


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The live broadcast of Proculus Technologies is coming