Time -limited Sales Promotions of 7 inch and 10.1 inch Android Touch Panels

With the vigorous development of electronic components market,the application of LCD Android touch panel is more and more extensive in people’s daily life. As we can see, LCD display module has a very capacious market and broad operational environment in industry and commerce. To express appreciation for our new and old customers’ support and great kindness, Suzhou Proculus Technologies is preparing to launch Time -limited Sales Promotions, aim to consolidate the friendly and cooperative relationship with our clients, in this stirring activity, the uppermost products that we are ready to give something back to our customers are 7 inch LCD android touch panel and 10.1 inch display module. Then, we'll talk about the specialties of our promotional products in detail.


7 inch Android LCD module

The size of 7 inch is widely used in the worldwide market,however, for some customers, they will have some scruples about the project cost when choosing a 7 inch Android LCD touch screen. As a consequence, our promotional item is a perfect solution to allay their misgiving. 7 inch Android LCD display’s promotional price is very competitive, but also could satisfy the basic development and application needs of our customers. This product is mainly applied to clients’ projects that with limited cost and simple UI, meanwhile, could fulfill their project’s basic functions and so forth. With RK3128 high efficiency chip, the 7 inch Android LCD display, yet although the price is favorable, the function is still powerful. In the meantime, the capacitive touch and TFT color LCD screen greatly optimize the performance of our products.

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10.1 inch Android touch panel

The 10.1 inch Android touch panel has a broader indication range and can emerge more image, therefore, the 10.1 inch Android screen is also well received in the globalization market. The promotional product of the 10.1 inch Android baseboard, has super quality and competitive price, with the RK3128 and RK3188 chips,it can high-efficiency handle customer’s development systems.In addition to this, FTF color LCD panel makes the screen more gorgeous, and capacitive touch lets the screen more sensitivity.


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Time -limited Sales Promotions of 7 inch and 10.1 inch Android Touch Panels