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Three Reasons to Customize a Color LCD Screen

Customizing TFT color displays is becoming increasingly common, with more and more end products using customized color LCD screens as intelligent product display terminals. Do you know behind this phenomenon? Today, Proculus Electronic Technology will take you to understand why more and more manufacturers will customize color LCD screens?

TFT color LCD product homogenization is serious, and differentiation is created

In recent years, various intelligent terminal products have emerged in endlessly. With fierce competition among intelligent products in the same industry and category, manufacturers of intelligent terminal products need to work hard in appearance to seize the market and seek greater business opportunities. The product appearance will certainly involve TFT color LCD screens, so the demand for customized color LCD screens is gradually increasing.

The updating and iteration of new TFT color LCD products

In the past, many terminal products could not be strictly called intelligent products, because many terminal products could not realize human-computer interaction, and the focus of human-computer interaction is color LCD screens. Many traditional terminal products use keys or code screens to simply display digital and other simple images. However, as people's concepts are upgraded, more and more intelligent products use color LCD screens instead of the original keys or old-fashioned code screens, triggering a wave of customized TFT color LCD screens.

The power of TFT color LCD brands

Another part of the terminal manufacturers who customize color LCD screens is to create brand effects, so they need special customization, silkscreen logos, and so on. This way of customizing color LCD screens is undoubtedly a very wise move.

TFT color screen has already approached maturity in production technology, with a high probability of mass production and a very good yield rate. For example, the yield rate of color LCD screens has reached 99.8%. It is precisely because of the mature and automated production technology of color LCD screens, the manufacturing cost has gradually decreased, and the price of color LCD screens has become cheaper and cheaper. This is also why many terminals adopt color LCD screens.

At present, color LCD screens have been widely used in various industries, and it is expected that more industries will apply color LCD screens in the future. The existence of the TFT color LCD screen has also brought vitality to many industries. Although customizing color LCD screen has become a trend, try to use the customized color LCD screen of the same model as much as possible in product selection. This can reduce R&D costs, and also concentrate procurement to save procurement costs.

Three Reasons to Customize a Color LCD Screen