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How to Extend the Lifespan of High-brightness LCD Panel TFT ?

Different industries have different requirements for the brightness of high-brightness LCD panel TFT. Some industries require the use of bright fluorescent screens in strong light or sunlight, making it visible in sunlight. High-brightness LCD panel TFT are different from ordinary LCD screens in certain respects. Today Proculus will introduce how to extend the service life of high-brightness LCD displays.

Temperature and humidity for using LCD panel TFT

Special attention should be paid to the operating environment temperature and humidity of high-brightness LCD panel TFT such as the 10.4 inch LCD display. During use, strictly follow the working temperature and storage temperature indicated in the instruction manual. In addition, humidity should be especially noted. If the humidity is too high, vapor will enter the machine and leak out. This phenomenon is easy to damage the service life of high-brightness LCD displays.

Stable power supply for LCD panel TFT

It is well known that high-brightness LCD panel TFT have higher current and voltage than ordinary LCD displays. Therefore, the stability of the power supply and grounding is particularly important. Check the circuit for damage frequently. If a circuit malfunction occurs, repair or replace it in a timely manner to prevent faults in high-brightness LCD panel TFT.

Daily maintenance of LCD panel TFT

In daily life, high-brightness LCD panel TFT must be cleaned regularly with alcohol and dust-free cloth to prevent dust from entering. Check high-brightness LCD panel TFT regularly. Put the screen into sleep mode at fixed intervals to prevent it from staying on one screen for a long time, and pay attention to moisture during the rainy season. 

By protecting it through the above methods on a daily basis, controlling the use of high-brightness LCD panel TFT is also a cost-saving method. Reasonable protection can extend the service life of high-brightness LCD displays and reduce maintenance costs. Proculus provides complete and continuously improved LCD display solutions for intelligent displays, making development simple, economical, and fast. As a customized LCD and screen display manufacturer, we can provide you with customized LCD displays, screens and panels according to your needs. If you want to buy LCD display, Suzhou Proculus Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has a series of high-brightness products, and we welcome customers with enquiries to contact our customer service representatives at Proculus.

How to Extend the Lifespan of High-brightness LCD Panel TFT ?