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What Are the Precautions for Custom LCD Screen?

With the development of technology, more and more industry terminals will use the LCD screen. However, standard-size LCD screens on the market are not necessarily suitable, so the demand for custom LCD screens is growing. How to customize the LCD screen? What precautions? Next, the LCD screen maker will explain to you.

Determine the needs of the custom LCD screen

Understand the needs of terminal buyers, including the size, resolution, brightness, interface, shape size, AA area size, PIN definition, temperature range, service life, and touch screen-specific requirements of the LCD screen. Wholesale TFT LCD distributors must prioritize understanding the customers' needs and expectations to ensure that they provide a solution that satisfies and exceeds their specific needs. It should be noted that we need to make a demand list and send it to the LCD manufacturer, the more detailed the better. This is conducive to the subsequent mold opening work, and it is best to provide corresponding drawings, which will save a lot of time and the cost of early communication.

Confirm the drawing of the LCD screen

LCD manufacturers generally design within a week of receiving the demand, and issue drawings to the terminal buyer for confirmation. You need to pay special attention to the following when you buy LCD screens: outline design drawings, modification of drawings, mold making, design layout, lithography film production (electrode x2, border, silver dot, PI, test PCB), silk screen, letterpress, test frame. series. In the end, you need to sign the confirmation drawing so that the LCD screen manufacturer can send it to relevant suppliers for mold opening and customization.

Confirm the samples of the LCD screen

After confirming the drawings, the LCD manufacturer who is engaged in wholesale TFT LCD screen will make arrangements, and generally report the specific proofing cycle. This mainly depends on the difficulty of product production. Generally, the proofing time of the module is about 20 days, and the proofing period of the assembly is about 25 days. After receiving the samples, the LCD screen manufacturer will go through strict testing before giving them to the terminal buyer. Terminal buyers can also re-test and debug after receiving the samples themselves. The buyer needs to confirm that there is no problem with the sample when they buy LCD panels, and can sign the confirmation sample to the LCD screen manufacturer for small batch production.

The above are the precautions on how to customize the LCD screen. When you are choosing an LCD screen manufacturer, it is also best to understand the strength of the other party and find a truly powerful manufacturer. Proculus Technologies focuses on the customization of LCD screens, which is worth your choice!

What Are the Precautions for Custom LCD Screen?