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7.0 Inch 1024*600 Display HDMI
7.0 Inch 1024*600 Display HDMI
P10600HDMI070_P03 is a liquid crystal display module based on HDMI interface of Proculus Technologies. The product is equipped with a 7-inch true color LCD screen and capacitive touch screen. The client interface includes HDMI data video interface, USB power supply and capacitive touch screen control interface, audio output interface, and backlight setting buttons; A control and drive circuit, which is convenient for customers to develop and use.

Widely used in industrial control, instrumentation, medical equipment, security monitoring, vehicle display, bank bill acceptance instruments, POS machines and other occasions and other industries and fields.

Note: There is no key structural process modification or major layout adjustment. Only the product process or reliability changes and iterations, the company will not initiate changes to the outside world, and the specific items will prevail.

Specifications of 7.0 Inch 1024*600 Display HDMI

Product Information

Type numberP10600HDMI070_P03
ProcessorHigh-performance HDMI receiving unit
Product SeriesHDMI series
Firmware upgradeUSB
Touch TypeCapacitive touch screen, five-point touch
Touch InterfaceMicroUSB (J5), USB TYPE-C (J9)
HDMI SpecificationHDMI 1.4
HDMI InterfaceHDMI 19P (CN1)
Power InterfaceMicroUSB (J5), USB TYPE-C (J9)
Audio Interface3.5mm PJ-342 (CN3)


Color16.7M (16777216) colors, 24-bit color 8R8G8B.
Active Area (A.A.)154.1mm(W) × 85.9mm(H)
Panel TypeIPS, TFT-LCD

300nit Without a touch

250nit With the touch


Note: Continuous working with maximum brightness, time of brightness halves; If the high contrast static display exceeds 30 minutes or more may cause LCD screen residual, it is recommended to increase the screensaver to avoid this problem.

Optical Specifications

Viewing Angle
θLΦ=180° (9 o’clock)85Degree
θRΦ=0° (3 o’clock)85
θTΦ=90° (12 o’clock)85
θBΦ=270° (6 o’clock)85

Voltage & Current

Power Voltage
Operation CurrentVCC=+5V, without speaker500mA
VCC=+5V, with speaker640mA

Reliability Test

Working Temperature60%RH at 12V voltage-202570
Storage Temperature-302585
Working Humidity25℃10%60%90%RH
Protection PaintNone
Certification & LevelsIEC4, CE, RoHS