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3.5 Inch Display HDMI

Features of 3.5 Inch Display HDMI

  • 3.5 inch standard display, support HDMI input, refresh rate above 60FPS.

  • Physical resolution 480x320, configurable software resolution up to 1920x1080.

  • It is compatible with mainstream mini PC such as Raspberry Pi, BB Black, Banana Pi.

  • It can also be used as a general-purpose HDMI display, connecting computers, TV boxes, Microsoft.

  • Xbox360, SONY PS4, Nintendo Switch and so on.

  • Used as a Raspberry Pi display that supports Raspbian, Ubuntu, Kodi, Win10 IOT, single-touch, free drive.

  • Work as a PC monitor, support Win7, Win8, Win10 system (No touch Function).

  • Support HDMI audio output, Backlight brightness can be adjusted.

  • CE, RoHS certification.

Specifications of 3.5 Inch Display HDMI

Physical Resolution480×320(dots)
Software adjustable resolution480×320~1920×1080(dots)
TouchResistance Touch
Power Dissipation0.20A*5V (Brightness @100%)
0.15A*5V (Backlight close)
Product Size85.5*60.6(mm)
Package Size143*134*51 (mm)
Rough Weight(Package containing)142(g)

Interface Description of 3.5 Inch Display HDMI

Interface Description of 3.5 Inch Display HDMI

Num.Interface NameDescription
J1Backlight buttonBacklight brightness adjustment button, short press backlight
changes by 10%, long press 3 seconds to close backlight
J2HDMI interfaceHDMI signal input interface
J3Amplifier interfaceHDMI audio output interface
J4USB power supply interfaceProvide power for ordinary display (5V 1A)
J5Transaction raspberry pie 26PIN baseGets power and return touch from this area when used as a
raspberry pie monitor