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Major Advantages of LCD Display TFT That You Didn't Know : A Checklist

Display screen is the most critical interface that connects humans and machines. It was originally dominated by cathode ray tube (CRT) technology. With the overall progress of display technology, people's requirements for display screens have become increasingly demanding. Various display technologies are also constantly evolving. But the LCD display screen, which has the longest survival time and the most influence, must be mentioned. It has the advantages of being lightweight, radiation-free, low-energy consumption, and good display effect, occupying the mainstream position of display screens. So, what are the advantages of  LCD display TFT?

LCD display TFT has high display quality

Each point of LCD display TFT keeps that color and brightness after receiving the signal, emits constant light, and does not need to constantly refresh like CRT displays. Therefore, the picture quality of LCD display TFT is high and absolutely will not flicker, reducing eye fatigue to the lowest.

LCD display TFT has no electromagnetic radiation

The display material of traditional display screens is fluorescent powder, which displays by electron beams impacting the fluorescent powder. At the moment when the electron beam hits the fluorescent powder, strong electromagnetic radiation will be generated. Although many display screen products have made relatively effective treatments in dealing with radiation problems, it is difficult to completely eliminate them. Relatively speaking, TFT LCD module display screen has inherent advantages in preventing radiation because it does not exist at all. In terms of preventing electromagnetic waves, LCD display TFT also has its unique advantages. It adopts strict sealing technology to enclose a small amount of electromagnetic waves from the driving circuit in the display, while ordinary display screens need to let the internal circuits contact with the air as much as possible to dissipate heat, so a large amount of electromagnetic waves from the internal circuits will leak out.

LCD display TFT has a large visible area

For display screens of the same size, the visible area of LCD display TFT is larger. The visible area of LCD display TFT is the same as its diagonal size. The CRT display screen has about an inch of border around the front panel of the imaging tube that cannot be used for display.

LCD display TFT has a wide range of applications

The earliest LCD display screens were usually used in electronic watches and calculators because they could not display delicate characters. With the continuous development and progress of LCD display technology, character display became delicate, and basic color display was also supported, which gradually was used in LCD televisions, camera LCD displays, and handheld game consoles. The subsequently appeared DSTN and TFT were widely used to produce LCD display devices for computers. The DSTN LCD display screen was used in early notebooks, and the TFT was used in both notebook computers and mainstream desktop displays. Because of this, many companies will choose to wholesale TFT LCD display.

LCD display TFT has a good display effect

Compared with traditional display screens, the LCD display TFT uses a flat glass plate from the beginning, and the display effect is a flat and right-angle, which gives people a refreshing feeling. And LCD displays are easier to achieve high resolution on small screens.

LCD display TFT has a digital interface.

LCD display TFTs are all digital, unlike CRT color displays that use analog interfaces. That is to say, when using TFT LCD digital display, the graphics card no longer needs to convert the digital signal into an analog signal and then output it. In theory, this will make color accuracy and positioning more accurate.

LCD display TFT has a small size

Traditional CRT displays always drag a bulky imaging tube behind them. LCD display TFTs have broken through this limitation and give people a completely new feeling. The traditional display screen emits electron beams to the screen through the electron gun, so the neck of the imaging tube cannot be very short, and when the screen increases, the volume of the entire display will inevitably increase. However, LCD display TFT achieves the display purpose by controlling the liquid crystal molecular state through the electrodes on the display screen. Even if the screen is enlarged, its volume will not increase. Moreover, it is much lighter in weight than traditional display screens with the same display area.

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Major Advantages of LCD Display TFT That You Didn't Know : A Checklist