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What Are the Interfaces for Different Sizes of TFT LCD Screens ?

TFT LCD screen is a common intelligent terminal used as a window for display and an entry for interaction. Different intelligent terminal interfaces have different interfaces, so how do we determine which interfaces the TFT LCD display module has? In fact, TFT LCD screens have rules in using interfaces.

Interfaces of small size TFT LCD module display screens

Small size TFT LCD screens generally refer to those below 3.5 inches. The resolution of this type of small size TFT LCD screens is relatively low, so the speed of transmission does not need to be too high. Therefore, low-speed serial port-like interfaces are used, generally including RGB, MCU, SPI, etc., which can cover up to 720P.

Interfaces of medium size TFT LCD module display screens

Medium-sized TFT LCD display modules are generally between 3.5 inches and 10.1 inches. The resolution of medium-sized TFT liquid crystal display screens is generally high, so the transmission speed is relatively higher. Common interfaces for medium-sized TFT LCD module display screens include MIPI, LVDS, EDP, etc.; MIPI is relatively more commonly used in vertical screens, while LVDS is more commonly used in horizontal screens, and EDP is generally used for higher resolution TFT liquid crystal display screens.

Interfaces of large size TFT LCD module display screens

Large-size TFT LCD screens can all be listed above 10 inches such as the 10.4-inch LCD, and the types of interfaces generally used for large-size screens include HDMI, VGA, etc., and these interfaces are very standard. They can be directly used when plugged in, without the need for conversion, making them convenient and fast to use.

Cleaning  LCD module TFT display screens do not require any special solution or wiping cloth. Experience tells us that clean water and a soft lint-free cloth or pure cotton lint-free cloth are the best TFT LCD screen cleaning tools. Paper towels that do not shed can also be used. When cleaning, dip the pure cotton lint-free cloth in water, then slightly wring it out. Then, use a damp soft lint-free cloth to gently wipe off the dust on the display screen. Do not press the display screen too hard during wiping, and it is recommended to wipe from one side of the display screen to the other until everything is clean. Do not swing it randomly. Do not use hard cloth, hard paper to wipe, and do not use cleaning liquid or cleaning agents containing alcohol or acetone, or cleaning agents containing chemical components. Do not directly spray liquid onto the screen to avoid liquid penetration into the protective film.

The above is the introduction of Shenzhen LCD module TFT display screen interfaces of different sizes by Proculus Electronics Technology, hoping to be helpful after reading!

What Are the Interfaces for Different Sizes of TFT LCD Screens ?