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How to Know the Resolution of 7 Inch LCD Screen?

Resolution is an important indicator of a 7-inch LCD screen, and it often represents an important indicator of the quality of the 7-inch LCD screen. Do you really understand the 7-inch LCD screen resolution? Did you know that you can also learn other information about the 7-inch LCD screen from the resolution? Today Proculus will share with you about it.

1. Judging horizontal and vertical screens from the 7-inch LCD screen resolution

How to judge horizontal screen and vertical screen from the resolution? In fact, it is very simple, for example, 720*1280, the front number 720 is smaller than the back number 1280, then this situation is vertical screen. And 1280*720 means that the number behind is smaller than the number in front, it is horizontal screen.

2. Judging the display effect from the 7-inch LCD screen resolution

This is very easy to understand, that is, the higher the resolution, the better the display effect, and the more pixels, the richer the displayed colors. Common 7in lcd screen has high resolutions of 720*1280, 1024*600 and so on.

3. Judging the aspect ratio of the screen from the 7-inch LCD screen resolution

Anyone who knows the industry of 7-inch LCD screens must have heard of the aspect ratio. For example, the aspect ratio of a 7-inch LCD screen with a resolution of 1024*600 is a 16:9 display screen. How is this calculated? You can search the formula on the Internet and apply it directly, that is, the result obtained by dividing the resolution is which 7 inch LCD screen is a few ratios. For example, what is the ratio of 1280*800 to a 7-inch LCD screen? 1280/800=1.6, 16:10=1.6666. Then the 7in LCD screen with a resolution of 1280*800 is 16:10.

After reading the above knowledge, do you understand? From the resolution of the 7-inch LCD screen, you can not only know the display effect of the 7-inch LCD screen, but also know that it is a landscape/portrait screen, and know the aspect ratio of this screen.

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How to Know the Resolution of 7 Inch LCD Screen?